Luxury brands buyer, a fundamental figure for the fashion industry

The world of luxury is appreciated by an international customers. Made in Italy has always been a symbol of high quality luxury and offers valuable clothes and accessories. Luxury goods last longer and have greater advantages; in particular Italian products are known for their timeless appeal. The clothes made by Italian designers are bought all over the world both in stores and online. According to studies, the largest buyers of luxury brands are Asian, representing, today, 30% of the global luxury market. Chinese millennials love Italian clothes and accessories and are always looking for rare and collectible pieces. Even Russia, England and France are at the top of the list of buyers of luxury brands. These buying habits show strong interest in high-end brands; for this reason it is important to invest time and resources in this sector. The role of luxury brands buyers and sellers is essential to ensure a range of luxury products that are always rich and up-to-date.

The role of luxury brands buyer

Outlets and stores of high quality made in Italy brands often do not interface with the brand but choose to rely on an intermediary, the luxury brands buyer. Fashion buyer address directly to the single brands of the fashion world to select products. His role is extremely important because it must establish a bond with the company and find the best products. The best luxury brands buyers have a deep knowledge of the fashion industry, they travel a lot and look for the main trends of the season. Luxury brands buyer and seller work together to ensure that clothes, accessories and high quality shoes can be found on the shelves of outlets and stores. What makes the figure of the fashion buyer so important? The ability to predict trends and choose the most suitable collections to propose to those who must buy products for the stores. Those who work in this sector know that times are extremely important in fashion; for this reason, fashion buyers have a role of great value.

NGM, the quality fashion buyer

When talking about the world of fashion, it is necessary to choose contacts carefully. This is even more true when you decide to import high-end products and made-in-Italy clothes. As a fashion buyer, NGM works with international brands in the fashion industry thanks to a 30-year experience. There are over 150 brands that NGM can supply to customers and among these there are important names of the Made in Italy world. NGM is a luxury brands buyer able to anticipate trends and find clothes, accessories, shoes and much more interesting for stores and outlets. We deal with past season, on-season and next-season pre-order collections and offer customers top-level products for outlets and stores. We are in fact able to manage the entire process of selection, sale of products and, last but not least, we also manage logistics. This is possible thanks to contacts with fashion brands, stockiest, showrooms, dealers and duty free groups.

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