What we do

Fashion merchandise supplying

Our Company can supply products of more than 150 international brands, thanks to the consolidated relationships between the partners and the main fashion houses. This includes past season, on season and next season collections pre-order.

According to client needs, we identify a suitable brands list to be confirmed by the client and define the most convenient buying process.
We select stock for the client and prepare spreadsheets or catalogues with selected merchandise including images, data and quantities or we take the client’s buyer on site to choose the products.
For each order a purchase agreement will be issued, with a definitive invoice and packing list.

Our suppliers network built in more than 30 years of experience including Fashion Brands, Stockiest, Show Rooms, Dealers and Duty Free Groups makes ngm able to provide to each client huge and complete range of Brands and merchandise.

FIRST PART: Identify client needs and buying process

Master plan

According to Client project, NGM will study deeply to identity suitable brands list to be confirmed by Client

Buying process planning

According to final Brands list and Store opening time, NGM define for client suitable Buying Process

Stock selection

NGM identify suitable stock for client and prepare spreadsheets with selected stock including images, data and quantities or brings Client Buyer on site to choose the stock

Client stock review

Client reviews stock and confirm final interest

Confirmation of interest & NGM agreement

NGM will provide any paperwork that needs to be completed including agreement

how to order


According to Client order, NGM issues Proforma Invoice to Client. NGM Logistic Company can offers to Client service for overseas payment


According to NGM Proforma Invoice, Client will settle the payment. Once payment received, NGM prepare the goods within 2 weeks

Quality control and packing

In NGM Warehouse will be done quality control and check that all Stocks are ready to be shipped as per Client Order

Final payment

Client will settle the final payment in order to schedule Stock pick up

Packing list and commercial invoice

NGM will provide to Client and Logistic Company final Packing List and Commercial Invoice with all details info needed for Custom Clearance in China

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