Why choose italian fashion wholesale distributors

The export of made in Italy products is generating high profits. Italian clothing and accessories are examples of high quality and are appreciated all over the world. This is testified by the recent data which state that exports are up 6% and have reached a value of over 60 billion. Important numbers that make the choice to import made in Italy products definitely interesting. Positive trends not only for clothing and the fashion industry, but also for accessories, jewelry and Italian perfumes. As italian fashion wholesale distributors, we work with the most important Italian brands, including luxury brands. Thanks to our experience, we are able to distibute clothes and accessories from the current season and the past season, make pre-orders and always find the best offers.

Made In Italy, quality and style

According to a recent study, Made in Italy is associated with values such as beauty and luxury. Foreigners are more likely to buy made in Italy products. Made in Italy has always been synonymous with quality, genius and style. The clothes of the main Italian brands are characterized by particular attention to materials. Shoes and bags realized in Italian leather are famous all over the world. The textile sector also plays a fundamental role and high-end designer clothes stand out on the catwalk. Made in Italy products combine the quality of tradition and the inspiration of innovation. For this reason, export data continue to have a positive trend. For those who decide to import made in Italy products, it is important to interface with experts and professional partner.

The importance of Italian fashion wholesale distributors

The italian fashion wholesale distributors focus on quality and attention to detail by choosing the best brands and the best pieces. The advantages of relying on Italian fashion wholesale distributors are countless. Sometimes it’s not easy to make contacts with the brands and distributors and start a business relationship with them. The Italian fashion wholesale distributors allow you to enter the Made in Italy market more easily. NGM Group guarantees reliability and fairness, always offering original brands of Past season or stock or current season collections. The knowledge of the market allows us to find the best solutions and the best opportunities for our customers. NGM is able to support fashion buyers also in the definition of commercial strategies.

How to import italian fashion brand

NGM support outlet and store interested in women’s and men’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Those working in the retail sector need to pay attention to the quality and assortment of products. Fashion buyers need partners with experience to be guided to the staging of the stores with the right clothes. NGM deals with clothing, shoes, bags, accessories of luxury brands but also deals with affordable luxury, mass market and sportswear. Those wishing to purchase the products can choose whether to come to visit the show rooms or select the goods on excel or pdf. NGM also covers the Special Production sector and the private labels sector.

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